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EFFECTIVE  6-3-2020, WE WILL BE OPEN 9 AM UNTIL 8 PM Sunday thru Saturday. Machines will be turned off at 8pm.

  1. If you as a member or have an immediate family member that has been sick with Corona Virus you are not allowed at FWTS until:
    1. After 14 days from testing negative to the virus and remaining symptom free without the use of medication.
    2. If you have not been tested, you must want 21 days and be symptom free
    3. If you as a member have been exposed to the Corona Virus and have not become sick, you will be allowed at FWTS when:
      1. Immediately upon receiving test results from an FDA approved test for Covid-19 from at least two consecutive specimens collected at a minimum of 24 hours apart. Test results must show member is free of the Corona Virus; or
      2. Person has not been tested, being 21 days symptom free of the Corona Virus.
      3. We do ask If you have been or currently sick with anything else, you remain home until well.
      4. When you are at the club, please be sure to observe all social distancing and sanitary policies. 
        1. Enter clubhouse to only use restroom and purchase targets. Tables, chairs, and water dispenser in the clubhouse are off limits.
        2. You may use the restroom; be sure you wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
        3. Purchase targets and any other times with a credit card, a wipe will be provided to wipe down card and ERAD. TARGETS WILL BE SOLD DAILY FROM  9 am until 2 pm.  There will be no cash or check transactions.
        4. No more than 3 people on a field. No entering any house for any reason (staff will do this and load houses.) Be patient, if busy it may take time to get to you.
        5. Over 65 only hours 9 am-11am Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. 11:01 am open to all members. There are no age restrictions on Saturday and Sunday open to all members.
        6. Trap will be shot only on field 8 and 1 for singles and handicap, doubles on 7.
        7. Skeet can be shot on 2,3,4,5 by all members with the exception of 2 switching to bunker at 1pm.  Field 6 is for our international shooters with keys, no key no international targets.
        8. Pending demand of one discipline over another management will decide field use.
        9. Masks and gloves must be thrown in the trash, we are not providing these to members. Pick up your hulls and any trash you have and place in barrels. We encourage some sort of face covering.
        10. No guests, no lessons, no youth team practicing together, we are open for members only.

*This policy can change at any time, refer to double door of club, website and club Facebook Page for the latest version.

*Please be respectful of all members and staff as these are difficult times and staff is doing all they can to make your time at FWTS enjoyable. We are thrilled to be able to open back up to serve our members and we wish to thank you for your understanding.

FWTS Board of Directors and FWTS Staff

League Postings:

Summer Mixed League:
Shooting Starts - Wednesday, July 1st
Awards will be: HOA, High Bunker, High Trap, High Skeet, High 5-Stand,
High Lady, High Junior, First and Second Place Team

Mixed League Teams
Mixed League Schedule


Spring League 2020 Results:
     Monday Night - Individual Standings
     Tuesday Night -   Individual Standings



 Upcoming Shoots - Please watch for updates or changes to shoot dates.

Club Information:

Located on the west side of Fort Worth, we have been serving Metroplex shooters for over 50 years! Our facilities include five skeet fields, seven trap fields, 5 stand, bunker trap and a patterning range. Our club house is over 2800 square feet with full kitchen and facilities.

We use electronic pulling devices, so members can come out virtually any time to shoot. We also offer spring, summer, and fall leagues, as well as our monthly club trap and skeet shoots. Throughout the year, we hold a number of registered trap and skeet events. We also support many youth shoots throughout the year.

To find out more about the club click on the pages above or come on out and shoot a couple rounds with us. See you soon!