Club Trap Info & Rules

The club trap shoots are held monthly, typically on a Saturday, but could be on a Sunday weather permitting and based on club schedule. Registration starts one hour prior to scheduled start times. Shooting will begin when the first squad is filled.

Scores are kept individually and each shooter may shoot 50 targets in singles, handicap, and doubles. Your ATA class will be used to seed you in all events. If you don’t have an ATA class then we will use the previous years club trap shoot average. Not having an ATA or club shoot class will put you into the penalty class.


Competitors that do not have an ATA class or handicap, or did not shoot at least 100 targets in the previous season, will shoot in the penalty class/yardage listed below for the first 100 targets in each event. We will re-average every 100 targets (every other month) in all three events and adjust class and or yardage as appropriate.

Singles – B class
Doubles – B class
Handicap – 21 yards


Class will be based on competitor’s ATA class or Previous Club Singles average score (or shoot the penalty class). 

Three classes:

  • A class – 95% and up
  • B class – 91% to under 95%
  • C class – under 91%


Class will be based on competitor’s ATA class or Previous Club Doubles average score (or shoot the penalty class).

Three classes:

  • A class – 89% and up
  • B class – 83% to under 89%
  • C class – under 83%


Competitors will use their current ATA handicap yardage. If a competitor does not hold an ATA handicap yardage, the competitor shall use the yardage listed below based on their Previous Club Handicap average (or shoot the penalty yardage).

  • 89% and below = 19 yards
  • 89.1% to 90.0% = 20 yards
  • 90.1% to 91.0% = 21 yards
  • 91.1% to 92.0% = 22 yards
  • 92.1% to 93.0% = 23 yards
  • 93.1% to 94.0% = 24 yards
  • 94.1% to 95.0% = 25 yards
  • 95.1% to 97.0% = 26 yards
  • 97% and above = 27 yards

Overall Notes

Please check Club Trap Shoot Schedule for dates.

We start with Singles and when the last squad has started their first 25 targets, no more singles signups will be allowed. When the last squad finishes we will start handicap. When the last squad has started their first 25 targets, no more handicap signups will be allowed. When the last squad has finished handicap we will start doubles. It is advised to not be the last singles squad and first handicap squad, or the last handicap squad and first doubles squad. This helps the event run smoothly and finish on time. 

n the past we have had ATA shooters register these as a league. Only singles and doubles can be registered, there is a one time league fee for this and club trap chair has to set it up with the ATA as a league. If this is done the league scores have to be sent in to the ATA in August as that is when the ATA target year ends.

All targets will be shot using each member’s ERAD device. At the end of the year we will award championship buckles to the top shooters after the Annual Club Business Meeting. Shooters may only win one buckle. This means the High Trap is a combined of Singles, Handicap and Doubles and do not get to win any other buckle. Singles has class winners and an overall winner, Handicap has overall winner and yardage winners, Doubles has class winners and an overall winner. You can shoot all 3 events, 1, or 2 events. We take your top 3 scores in each event to formulate places. This means a low score gets thrown out if you have more than 3. It is a lot of fun and the fellowship is great.