The club will begin taking league payments approximately one month prior to the start of each league. The first week (7 days) of SPRING league sign-up are reserved for FWTS club members only. Club members are not allowed to sign up non-members during this first week of signups. 5-Stand Leagues are Spring, Summer & Fall all of which start the same week as the Mixed League Events. Check back for any special leagues (night, skeet and/or trap) information. 

Winter Saturday League 2023
Sign Up starts December 3rd
League starts Saturday January7th, 2023
League ends March 11th
Luncheon/Awards to immediately follow shooting on Saturday, March 11th

Spring League 2022
Sign Up Begins Saturday February 11th
League Starts Monday/Tuesday March 14th/15th 
League Ends Monday/Tuesday May 16th/17th
Dinner/Awards May 23rd/24th

Summer League 2022

All Signups starts May 2, 2022 

Summer Championship League
Cost $180 per shooter
Shooting Starts – Monday Night - June 6th & Tuesday Night - June 7th at 5:30 pm
No Shooting the week of July 4th & NO banks are due for this week either.
Awards Party – Wednesday, August 24th     
Championship Shoot-offs for All HOAs and 1st Place Teams from both nights.      
Shoot-offs will start at 5:30 pm.     
Live Music & Dinner start immediately after the Shoot-offs.     
Awards to follow Dinner.
Guest Meals will be a charge of $18 per guest attending with a shooter. Purchase Guest Meals from Michelle no later than Saturday, August 21st. 
5-Stand League
8 Week League – cost $180 per shooter
Shooting Starts – Week of June 6th, with shooting at the time selected by each team.
No Shooting the week of July 4th & NO banks are due for this week either.
Recommend teams schedule a time to shoot as a group.
All Score sheets for each week of shooting will be due by 6 pm (closing time for club house/staff) on Sunday of each week.
Double-Double League
6 Week League – cost $120 per shooter
3 Weeks of Trap Doubles followed by 3 Weeks of Skeet Doubles
Shooting Starts on Thursday, June 9th at 6:00 pm
No Shooting the week of July 4th & NO banks are due for this week either.


Fall League 2022
Sign up starts August 1, 2022
Shooting starts Sept. 12th/13th
Shooting ends week of Nov. 14th/15th
We will skip the week of Labor Day (Sept. 5th), no banks required.
Dinner and awards Nov. 21st & 22nd

Monday & Tuesday League Information

Shooting will begin at 5:30 pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, as applicable, depending on what league night you are participating in. Please have your equipment at your designated field and be ready to shoot no later than 5:25 pm.

The Spring, Summer and Fall leagues consist of 5 weeks trap and 5 weeks skeet. Each week, weather permitting, the league will shoot two rounds of either skeet or trap (as scheduled). Each round shall consist of 25 targets. The league consists of 250 trap and 250 skeet targets.

League members may shoot practice rounds on Mondays or Tuesdays beginning at 4pm for the duration of the league at a cost of $5 a round (price includes tax).

If you know that you are going to be unavailable to shoot on some Monday or Tuesday evenings, as applicable, please bank ahead (shoot scores in advance) so that your team is not penalized. In addition, shoot a floating bank of scores that can be used in the case of an emergency, etc. To shoot a bank, first obtain a score sheet from the club counter, indicate what day you are banking for or label as floating, shoot scores, and return the score sheet to the counter. Rounds banked for a specific league night are already paid for with your league fee. Floating banks must be paid for when the float bank is shot. Floating banks cost $10.00. League members may bank rounds whenever the club is open, with the exception that no league rounds may be shot during a registered club trap or skeet shoot. Check ahead to see if the club is having a registered shoot on the weekend you wish to bank.

Be respectful of the other League Shooters. Banks cannot be done on nights in which opposing Leagues are shooting. If you shoot Mondays, do not show up on Tuesday to bank and vice versa. Please do not show up at 5:20 and try to bank, as league shooters are preparing to shoot for that nights League.

League members will pull and score targets for each other. Club staff is not needed to pull or score a bank.

The Club will provide personnel to set targets and load target houses.

Team captains (lead off shooters) are responsible for returning score sheets to the club house after shooting is completed.

In the event of inclement weather, due to club safety rules, the club manager will decide if the league will shoot . This decision will be made by 5:00pm on the day of shooting. If the decision is made NOT to shoot, it is the league member’s responsibility to make up, by banking, the targets for that week due to weather cancellation. Shooters will be allowed to bank until the second Saturday after the rain out date. This allows approximately 10 to 11 days to make up scores. If the decision is made to go ahead and shoot and a member is absent, a blind score will be used unless they have a bank available.

The league cost is $175 and includes targets (10 weeks), awards fee and league dinner. The cost and length of Special Leagues will vary based on the events included in the Special League, please check back on the Bulletin Board and on the League section of the FWTS website for Special League updates. Once the sign up period listed above for the league is open fees can be paid at the clubhouse. The club will accept cash, check or credit cards. If you sign up for the league and cannot shoot for whatever reason, the league fee will be refunded up until the first night of shooting. Once shooting starts there are NO refunds.