2024 Events and Shoots


ATA Shoot Hells Half Acre- March 22nd thru 24th

Zone IV Shoot- May 10th thru 12th

Bair Hatcher Memorial Shoot - October 10th thru 13th



Cowtown Skeet Shoot- April 26th thru 28th

Last Chance Skeet Shoot - October 26th thru 27th



College Shoot - April 6th thru 7th

Fandango 4H Shoot - May 18th

SCTP Bunker Shoot - June 1st 

SCTP International Skeet Shoot - June 2nd


Annual Club Shoot, Luncheon & Member Meeting - Saturday, September 18th. Members may pre-shooting events starting on Thursday, August 19th. Please see staff for process to pre-shoot.