Safety Rules and Regulations

  • All guns shall be kept open and unloaded until the shooter is on the shooting station. The actions of all guns shall be open when guns are placed in gun racks with the exception that break-open guns may be closed just before they are placed in the gun rack. All guns shall be carried to and from the shooting fields with their actions open.
  • TRAP – Load one shell at a time unless shooting doubles. DO NOT load gun while walking from station 5 to station 1. Guns shall be unloaded anytime when someone must go downrange to check a trap or is downrange for any reason.
  • SKEET – Never load more than two shells at a time. On station 8 only load one shell. It is permissible to load two shells on station 8 low house only when the shooter is straight.
  • No alcoholic beverages or anyone under the influence of intoxicants will be allowed on any field.
  • Shooting glasses and ear protection must be worn at all times when shooting or pulling and scoring for the opposing team.
  • No shot size larger than 7 ½ or powder loads greater than 3 1/4 dram equivalent shall be permitted. THIS MEANS SHOT SIZES 7 ½, 8 AND 9 ARE PERMITTED ONLY!
  • Guns will be pointed down range when loading.
  • Shooters must assume a shooting position with the shotgun mounted to the shoulder area prior to discharge of the shotgun. Shooters may call for the target with a dismounted gun, for example, low gun or international style shooting, however, prior to firing, the shotgun must be in position as stated above. Hip shooting, over-the-head, behind-the back, or any other “trick” shooting style is not allowed during league shooting events.
  • League members are responsible for their guests’ compliance with safety rules and regulations.
  • Only league shooters and employees will be allowed on the Trap & Skeet ranges during firing exercises.
  • It is the responsibility of all League members to insure that all safety rules and regulations are strictly adhered to at all times.
  • Safety is a must and violators are subject to the loss of their shooting privileges.

For an overview of league rules, please visit our League Rules.

For specific rules about Club Skeet events, please visit Club Skeet Shoot Information, Rules & Awards.