Fort Worth Trap and Skeet Instructor Policies

The following policies are established for the protection of the Club and its members. 

  1. All instructors, those giving lessons for compensation, must have at minimum $1.0 million dollars of insurance naming FWTS as additional insured.
  2. All instructors must be approved in advance by the FWTS Board of Directors, in their sole and absolute discretion.  The Board’s judgment should be based upon the prospective coach’s reputation, demonstrated ability as shooter, available space at FWTS and any other criteria deemed appropriate by the Board.  Any such approval may be withdrawn at any time.
  3. Cost –
    1. If an instructor is giving lessons to a member, FWTS only receives the cost of targets. 
    2. If the instructor is giving lessons to a member but the student is not a member, FWTS receives a guest fee and the cost of the targets.
    3. If neither the instructor or student is a member, access to FWTS is the sole discretion of the club President and/or the Club Manager.  If access is granted, FWTS receives the cost of targets, appropriate guest fee, and 25% of fee paid to the coach



The following licensed and insured instructors have been approved by the FWTS Board of Director's
to give lessons in any discipline at the range:
      Vincent Hancock: [email protected]
      Nic Moschetti: [email protected], 303-906-6380
      Brian Burrows: [email protected], 760-622-6948 
      Mike Schmitt: [email protected], 815-565-9686
      Jo Ellen Collin: [email protected], 972-906-9282
      Chris Naler: [email protected], 910-467-4603
Seth Cooper: [email protected], 901-521-6362